YoChild-Africa is a Christian Non-governmental organization registered in Uganda. YoChild-Africa is dedicated to work with less privileged and vulnerable children, families and communities in Africa. 

YoChild-Africa’s vision was birthed in 2014 but our initial ministry and work in Uganda started in early 2018 with a passion of wholesomely empowering children, families, and communities to reach their full potential in Christ by overcoming the barriers of poverty and injustice through several community centered programs.

We exist to empower and transform the vulnerable and less privileged children and families to a place of self-transcendence for sustainable succes, to nourish the spiritual, cognitive, belonging and love needs.


To empower and transform

YoChild-Africa exists to raise a generation of children to a place of self-transcendence, able to serve a cause greater than self.

Love; we love God and show His love to the people  we serve by caring, showing compassion and generosity. (Matt. 25:35-36) 

Excellence; we pursue excellence in all we do using the resources, talents and skills God has given us. (Prov. 22:29)

Integrity; we believe in honesty and truth as a  fundamental virtue in words and deeds. (Phil. 2:15 -16).

Creativity; we believe that creativity is God given therefore we seek innovative ways to make a long lasting impact (Ex. 35:31-32).

Stewardship; we practice responsibility and accountability over the resources, gifts and talents entrusted to us. (Matt. 25:21)