A double miracle for Gasita

He can go to school! Gasita received an answer to the prayers of being able to receive education. We are so thankful that in the past month we could welcome two new sponsors to our YoChild-Africa Family. They make it possible for Gasita to go school. Of course he has to wait till lockdown times are over and the schools will open up again. But then his new adventure of learning will start.

Gasita is only 6 years old, but has never spoken in his life. He could communicate with his family through gestures, pointing and looking. The reason for his not speaking was not clear. We prayed for Gasita that he might receive the ability to speak and are so thankful to have received the news that only a few weeks after he received sponsors, he also started speaking! We are so grateful for this miracle in his life and the new doors that have opened up of verbally being able to communicate. How this will enhance his learning once school starts! We are thankful for God who always has the best timing in everything and is a God of miracles.

A happy Gasita! His dream to go to school has become reality.

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