Waiswa joined other students in candidate classes who celebrated at the news of going back to school and finish their academic year. At the start of covid-19 it seemed to be a dead school year for them, but now they have received the opportunity to finish well. This does not come without its cost, for the coming six month Waiswa and his friends have to familiarise to the new face outfit and to the general Standard Operation Procedures of covid-19 while in and outside the class room. On the side of academics, instead of sitting for his final exit exams this year in December, he has to wait until March 2021 before taking his exams.

No matter the cost it is worth it, if you ask any, most especially if you otherwise will have to repeat the whole year! And for Waiswa, he cannot wait for this transition from being a primary to a secondary student!

On the special note, we feel with every parent who is not in position to send back his/her children to school due to school fees and scholastic materials. We are praying and believing with you God to make way.

To all our sponsors, friends and partners, thanks for making this work possible!
May the God of love and peace be with you.

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