We purpose to build a Community Centre in Namunyuka. This centre will be used as a training ground to offer services such as marriage workshops, counselling and guidance to HIV patients and offer adult education, health tips and soft vocation skills as a way to fight poverty in the community. The goal is big and we are looking forward to the realisation of this project in the near future.

We are thankful and glad that we were able in this time to finish the roofing of the community centre. It was a steady and quick process thanks to contributions made by the company Magistor, Citadelcollege, Annet and other friends and partners of YoChild-Africa. We love the looks of the roofed centre!

Building the walls of the Community Centre was the next step in the process. During the month of August the builders have worked hard to finish all the walls before rain season starts. We are happy to let you know that their hard work paid off, the walls have recently been completed. As we raise funds now for building the roof, we hope to continue building in a short time from now.

Building the walls.

JULY 2020
Time to lay the foundation. Since the second week of July the builders have started working on the foundation of the Community Centre.

Hard work to lay the foundation.

JUNE 2020.
We have started clearing and preparing the land to be able to lay the foundation. The land is a bit hilly so the worker have to dig deep to level the land. These preparations will take approximately two weeks.

Enjoy with us the start of building.