99% IS DONE!

We would like to thank God for His grace that has enabled us to finish the cement floor outside of the community center, as well as all the balustrades and putting the stones at the building’s foundation.

In the past weeks we have been able to make again major progress toward the finishing of the community centre. The builders have worked to see to it that the visible part of the foundation of the community centre is covered, and thus protected and strengthened, by a beautiful layers of stones. They also worked to finish the outside steps, veranda’s and walking paths around the centre. Covered in a beautiful red color the outside of the building let its beauty shine to welcome in all its visitors.

We are thankful for the work well done by the builders, who have laboured hard to see all is done properly and well. And we are so grateful having come this far, seeing the completion of the building come so close.

We are currently working on the inside separators, which will be flexible walls to be able to use the community centre as one big hall or as three separate class rooms. All left after that is the painting of the centre inside and outside.

Thanks for your relentless support in all this!

May God continue to bless and keep you.

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