Before we go into our recent accomplishments at the community center, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone behind the scene of this project for your unwavering love, confidence, and support. Without your generosity, this project wouldn’t exist.

By the grace of God, 80 percent of the work on volunteer’s house is done! Things like spraying window frames and fitting in glasses, toilet have been done and three bed rooms have been painted and furnished. The kitchen is 90% done. 4 inside doors are still pending.

On the side of the community center, 60 percent of the work is also done, this  consists of finishing the toilet, plastering both inside and outside walls and ceiling. Pending is the tiling of the entire floor, putting inside flexible separating walls, painting, spraying windows, fitting in glasses and finishing the veranda with protection metal.

Once again, thanks for your love and support and for everything you do to ensure a steady progress of this work! We cannot thank you enough!

May our Good Lord bless you and keep you.

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