First phase done.

First and more than anything else, we owe you a word of praise for your commitment and your endless support which has enabled us to reach this far. We are indeed grateful. There’s no other way to put it, but we’re thankful.

To us, as a ministry, it is evident that to achieve the long-term growth of the people we serve and to effectively profit them physically, socially, mentally and spiritually, a place as our community centre is a key place to achieve a holistic transformation.

In this way, as we continue to pursue the completion of this project, we would like to give you an opportunity to be part of this project. You can stand with us by pledging, for instance, to buy a window or a bag of cement, or a roof, as your heart leads you. We shall receive your support and God will bless you, because ‘Even the little matters’.

Go to Donate to make your contribution toward the building of the Community Centre.

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