Last week, our one hundred and thirty pupils finished their final exams of term two. The whole term has in itself been an experience to us as well as to the children. 

Both teachers and children had an opportunity of being exposed to other educational materials rather than usual due the presence of international volunteers with teaching backgrounds that shared their home teaching skills with us.

Understanding our children’s uniqueness, knowing where they come from, seeing gradually what they are capable of doing, and now what they are aspiring to become, 

one is left to wonder what would have become of them had this opportunity never extended to them!

Therefore we are humbled and we give God all the glory for the dedication and commitment of our teachers, the generous sacrifice of our sponsors, YoChild-Africa-Netherland leadership and words of encouragement from our well-wishers, which are driving factors of our ministry.

As we look forward to the third term, we continue to pray for strength, Spirit of wisdom, and perseverance to serve our community with even the more excellent services.

So to all our friends and partners of YoChild-Africa, thanks for being so instrumental in shaping the future of the people we serve. 

May the good Lord bless you and maintain your cause in life.

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