Optometry care outreach by Zienderogen.

We are thrilled to welcome you our visitors, from Stichting Zienderogen in the Netherlands to be part of a free medical outreach program that focused on providing eye care services to our underserved people in our community. The program is designed to reach people who do not have access to eye care services due to financial constraints, lack of transportation, or living in remote areas.

We are excited to have you on board and are thankful for your willingness to come. We are grateful for your support and looking forward to a successful medical outreach.

Day one has been a successful day as we received and served seventy five people whose eyes have been tested and all received glasses to enhance their visual ability. The need for eye care is something that has been long waited for in our community and so we are grateful for the opportunity extended to us by Zienderogen. We are excited, as we have already witnessed the impact on the people ministered today.

We also are grateful to extend these services to nearby places in the community where the need for eye care is present. As the team travels to different places they have been able to serve around 500 people in the past week.

May the good Lord continue to reward your hard work.

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