Visiting the district of Kiboga in Namunyuka village we saw the need of good quality education that could be available and affordable for any child within and the nearby communities. Most children of this area, if they ever get a chance to go to school, study under challenging conditions which has yielded to worrying number of school dropouts and that not without its long-term effect on the community.

In just two decades, at the national scale about 12.2 million pupils started primary one but only 6.96 million completed their primary schooling cycle and over 5.2 million (42.8 percent) dropped out.

What does this indicate? That at least 43 out of every 100 or 4 out of every 10 pupils, who started school, dropped out before completing primary 7.  Therefore in the period of 15 years over 4.9 million school (about 42.6 percent) of the 11.5 million who started school dropped out and the majority are those from poor rural areas.

As YoChild-Africa we are convinced that we can be a solution to this need and provide long-lasting solutions to the problems children are facing to attain good quality education. We decided to stand in the gap by building our own school where every child will be able to attend and see their full potential being drawn out and their dreams come true.

Through educating and empowering the children in the four areas of spiritual, mental, physical and social development the school will be a learning centre with the focus on the wholesome development of a child.

The costs to build this school are 650.000 euro’s.

As we have the land in Kiboga to build, we are now raising funds to build the school and equip the school with the needed scholastic materials.