Prossy couldn’t believe her eyes when she was presented with the gift of a wheelchair! Even though you can’t make complete meaning of her words when she speaks, you can’t miss her deep expression of joy when you see her smile and her thankfulness for having received such a gift as this!

As she is mainly home due to poor movement ability, her world is small and focusses on her mother, who is working in the mornings to be able to provide food for the family. With the gift of a wheelchair her mother will be able to take Prossy when she is going somewhere, instead of having to leave her at home in the care of other people.

We can’t wait to see the change this will make for Prossy, as her world will be expanding through this new found mobility. Discovering new places and seeing new people.

We add to her joy by thanking everyone who endeavored to make a difference in her life.

May you be blessed beyond measure.

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