Kiboga School Project

Published on 8 September 2018 at 21:52

Nasejje Feibe is a 5 years old girl in top class. Every school day she present one of the many children who have to walk an average distance of 2-3km daily to attend the nearest government primary school in Namunyuka Village despite their tender age. They have to go through the day without breakfast and lunch, their parents can barely afford their basic scholastic materials, and they are always in and out of school. Feibe is one of the many children who put up with such dire difficulties every day of their school life in order to gain an education in bid for a better future. Even though access to education is a right, to such children whose families are living in extreme poverty and orphaned in the rural areas of Uganda like Kiboga, education is a very big privilege. Not everyone is able to attend school, even those who have the mere privilege to attend school put up with the most difficult social conditions to make it through their education.

For such children like Feibe, school can’t be fun for long, it eventually becomes boring and burdensome. It’s only a matter of time that they eventually drop out of school. Without urgent intervention and support, the problems even worsen for such children. It’s even evident that school drop outs, early marriages and pregnancies are higher in rural areas such as these. The increasingly growing divide between family incomes, cost of education and standard of living has made the current education system unworkable and burdensome for many children in such villages. The accumulated gap in access, quality and poverty, has resulted into a very visible difference in rural children’s school performance, skills and progress to higher education.

However the presenting challenge for us is where to start from. YoChild-Africa strongly believes that investing in provision of quality, easily accessible and affordable education means investing in the lives of such less privileged children and can help bridge the gap in access to education, significantly reduce school dropouts and minimise complex social problems experienced by these young children at such a tender age. This means that there is need for a functional school centre, teachers, more classrooms, ongoing training for teachers, a variety of educational materials, supporting children from poor families and an effective curriculum to make sure children can read and write when they leave school and that they are provided with the necessary life skills to participate well in their communities. The Kiboga school project is one of the biggest steps we can take towards achieving this goal. The school will be strategically located in Namunyuka village and will be within reach by all children and shall significantly reduce on the distance trekked by children to the nearby school. This school will also provide quality affordable Christian education, imparting values and life skills to produce an empowered and transformed person. YoChild-Africa strongly believes that wholesome education plays an important role in individual transformation. With the right education, skills and values; you have an individual who is empowered to transform their family and community. Such affordable quality education will help produce wholesome individuals who are aware of themselves and their abilities. Such education involves imparting the mind, body and spirit. It will enhance children’s capacity, equip them with the right values and increase productivity.

With support from you our partners and our solid passion and commitment to make lives better, we know we are on course to achieve this goal.

As we set ground for this magnificent opportunity, we invite you to join us to make a difference in the lives of children we intend to support. We believe that even the little matters.

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