Published on 8 October 2018 at 12:46

After months of hard work and preparation, we are glad to share with you the progress we are having with our school project. We are embarking on the first phase of this magnificent community plan. We have finalised the first phase of the project, which included; clearing, demarcating and surveying the project site.

This week, we received the initial sketch of the architectural drawings of the school project; our dream is now on a tablet (Habakkuk 2:2). This is the first of the scores of steps we are taking towards fulfilling this dream. For the next few months we shall be sharing with you the great things we plan to do in Kiboga and how the face of this little village stuck in poverty will be transformed.

The challenges in the community are numerous, children are not receiving the right education and are dropping out of school without any vital skill, parents can’t support their children neither through school and school resources are limited.

The Kiboga School will be a one-stop centre for social and community transformation. We are deeply convinced that all children whether in the rural or urban areas deserve the best education no matter their socio economic background. We also believe that the environment plays a great part in the formation of values. The Kiboga school project will be a centre of enhanced learning for children of all ages.

The buildings have been specially designed to enhance individual learning experience with great attention to individual learners’ abilities. The school will have an in-door leisure and game area, spacious classes each fitted with up to date learning equipment, a conference hall, dining area, clinic, library hall, computer room and an out-door play area. We envision individuals who are fully empowered to support themselves after school.

We are so much excited about this project and the transformation it will bring to the people of Kiboga. With your prayers, love and support, we can be the agents of change we want to see. Our journey begins now! YoChild-Africa – Even the little matters!

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