Why Dream Big

Published on 26 June 2019 at 19:48


There are very few things that are essential in life for someone to make a difference in life. Education is one of them.

Every so often when right education is made available and accessible to those who are desperate for it, it not only alters their lives but leaves an imprint on the culture of people who will make our world more peaceful, prosperous and prepared to live a purposeful life.

Now take a close look at the kind of school YoChild-Africa envisions to put in place in Namunyuka village Kiboga district. Most children of this area if they ever get a chance to go to school, they study under challenging conditions which has yielded to worrying number of school dropouts, and that not without its long term effect on the community. In just two decades, at the national scale about 12.2 million pupils started primary one but only 6.96 million completed their primary schooling cycle and over 5.2 million (42.8 percent) dropped out. What does this indicate? That at least 43 out of every 100 or 4 out of every 10 pupils, who started school, dropped out before completing primary 7.  Therefore in the period of 15 years over 4.9 million school (about 42.6 percent) of the 11.5 million who started school dropped out and the majority are those from poor rural areas.

Putting that aside. Beside the good, quality, education and the conducive environment that will empower and transform lives of poor children not only to complete their academics and thrive in life, YoChild-Africa Educational Center will serve as a listening ear to hurting children, meet their physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual needs. It will also function as a collective point for children from elsewhere within the country Uganda facing similarly challenges in area of education. We visualize YoChild-Africa Educational Center as a place that will play a great role in fighting school dropout and its consequences.  Equip children with operative adequate skills that they will use as a pathway to adapt to change and to take advantage of the opportunities that change create in every sphere of life.

It is at this point that we believe with right partnership, with right people, this dream is as small as mustard seed yet those who will benefit from it can’t be put to number.

You are not just someone reading this blog. Purpose is everything. Ask God how He can use you in partaking of what He desire to accomplish in the lives of many children from poor rural areas.

God bless you.

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