We take this opportunity to walk with you to the new phase of our ministry in deepening our commitment and contribution to community. 

With our vision to empower and transform children and their communities through creation and provision of knowledge, we have officially started on this journey by starting up a primary school to enhance on the quality of literacy within the region.

The response to this initiative was overwhelming as parents came running from the surrounding areas to ensure that their children would not miss out on this opportunity. And most especially those who are limited with financial resource to provide for their children with good quality education. This lead to formation of our first class with 60 students and many on our waiting list.

So far our efforts have been fruitful for the last 3 weeks engagement with the children. Those who didn’t know even a single word in English, they are now making simple statements which is so much encouraging to the parents and the teacher.

Now the next fascinating challenge is ahead of us! Having started with only one class, we take on the challenge to ensure that with limited time, we are a fully functioning primary school.

With this in place, we see the ministry doing exactly what we hoped it would do, ‘empowering and transforming the lives of people we serve.’

In a nutshell, all of our previous accomplishments, and the important work ahead of us, would be impossible without the trust and support of our sponsors, friends and partners of YoChild-Africa.

In no way we can find the right words to express our gratitude than saying thanks, thanks for your confidence in us and for contribution to a make the world a better everyone.

May God bless you and keep you.

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