And hospitality do not forget; for by this some, being not aware of it, have entertained angels” Heb 13:2 DRB

We are thankful to have received our visitors from the Netherlands through @Rafikireizen! While they are enjoying the sightseeing of Uganda, they also had in their hearts to visit projects and to give a helping hand to those in need. We are thankful for Rafiki reizen in The Netherlands, that made this possible for them to visit our project.

We are thankful for their warm heart toward our community. The quality time given to our children through playing different games  and visiting the families in our community, we greatly appreciated. Thanks as well for undercoating the rest of the wall of our community centre that was left undone.

This simple act of kindness by our visitors to our community has marked the beginning of the new normal to those who have received the gift of mattresses. Since the majority of the community reach adulthood not having known how it feels to sleep on the mattress, we believe this gift will have a tremendous effect on their well being and eliminate most of the health problems that comes as a result of poor sleep conditions in our community.

Thanks for making a difference!
May the great grace of our Lord continue to be with you.

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