As she came only 3 days last year to our school, she knew already by then it was too short and she had to come back. In July we had to privilege of welcoming back teacher Francisca into our community. Thank you for being so passionate about sharing your knowledge and skills with us. It’s clear, your generosity is indeed a product of God’s grace on the people we serve.

With her knowledge and skills in teaching Francisca has blessed children and teachers in their development. The introduction of new concepts, methods and materials to our teachers, will help our students grow more effectively in their understanding of their subjects. And your art and crafts classes have unlocked new skills with our students. We are looking forward to see the good fruits of the work being done.

We would also love to appreciate the kindness and generosity of Francisca through the donation of over 278 books and 3 bookshelves in support of our school’s mission to provide the best possible education to our pupils. The donation has not only enriched our school library but has also provided our pupils with access to a wide range of books that they can use to expand their knowledge and improve their reading skills. We believe this donation will also help us in promoting a culture of reading among our pupils, which is essential for their academic success. Once again, thank you sister Francisca for this kind gesture!

The provision of a comfortable and safe place for children to sleep, is one of a basic necessity that as a ministry we do not take for granted. The donation of mattresses, food and books to the children in our community will therefore not go unnoticed. Your generosity has not only helped to meet the physical needs of the people we serve, but it has also brought hope and encouragement to those who might have felt hopeless and forgotten. We are certain that your kindness has reminded them that there are people who care about them and are willing to help.

We will always remember you, remember your dedication, hard work, and positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond, your infectious enthusiasm, and your unwavering commitment to our cause of empowering and transforming of the lives of the people we serve. Your contributions have been invaluable, and we are truly grateful for the time and energy you have invested in our organization.

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