Goodbye to teacher Lina.

After finishing her high school, Lina decided to come to Uganda for several month. She has been before in Uganda with her high school and visited during that time our project for a few days. These days left such an impact on her, that she already then decided to come back to Uganda for a longer period of time. For two month Lina has been serving with our team in Uganda, taught in our primary school and with her enthusiasm and love for the children, soon had gained a place in their hearts.

If there is anything we have learned from her, for the last two full months with us, is that no one is too young to make a decision to do something that is worthwhile and something that makes a difference. Her unreserved passion to serve the people we serve will definitely by no means go unnoticed.

Thanks, Lina, for your love and supportive hand exhibited in teaching our baby class and all essential activities.
May our good Lord continue to use you, bless you and keep you.

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